About The Owner

Khouri Long, renowned for achieving a Guinness World Record in 2019 for the Largest Exercise Ball Class in North Bay, proudly presents her own exercise ball to the community and beyond.  See what 499 people on an exercise ball looks like.

In collaboration with Mohawk College, Khouri designed the impressive UXB logo and selected the perfect color pantone. After thorough evaluation and comparison, a final supplier was chosen. Three different balls, varying in thicknesses and colors, were provided for consideration. A sample showcasing the ideal thickness was sent to the supplier, leading to the creation of the final product.

The industry-standard exercise ball has been modified to align with Khouri's specific criteria, ensuring optimal thickness and weight for an enhanced fitness experience.


We understand the effectiveness of the Ultimate Exercise Ball.

  • Khouri is the Guinness World Record Holder for the Largest Exercise Ball Class June 8 2019.
  • Khouri has over 20 years of experience teaching with the exercise ball.
  • Khouri is a Sports Therapist B.Sc. Hons. Graduate

 Khouri is

  • A proud mother of 3 boys
  • Born and raised in Northern Ontario
  • Canadian female entrepreneur