Recycle it!

Introducing the Ultimate Exercise Ball Recycling Program!

Ready to replace your old exercise ball, with an Ultimate Exercise Ball?

Let us know that you're ready to recycle your old exercise ball.

We'll send you a shipping label with a fantastic super-duper discount. (Yep, shipping costs are on you, but it's your golden ticket to the eco-party!

Channel your inner artiste and slice that ball into pieces. Check for the #3 triangle or a "PVC" identifier on the ball. No markings? No worries! You can perform the water test to determine if it's PVC and recyclable.
Toss your creatively sliced ball in the post, and let Norwich Plastics work their magic!
Remember, recycling is a step closer to sustainable living!

Join us in making a positive impact on the environment while bidding farewell to your old exercise ball.

Let's make every workout count, not just for ourselves but for Mother Earth too!
Together, with Norwich Plastics, we're creating a healthier world, one exercise ball at a time. 

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