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Ultimate Exercise Ball Company

The Ultimate Exercise Ball Prenatal Package

The Ultimate Exercise Ball Prenatal Package

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We are committed to supporting you throughout your fitness journey, making sure it's fun and effective.
With our Prenatal Ultimate Exercise Ball Fitness Package, you'll receive
1. A UXB
*Please choose the appropriate size to accommodate your height.
55cm ball = 5'1 - 5'7
65 cm ball = 5'7 - 6'1
75 cm ball = 6'1 - 6'7

2. Three specialized UXB Pre-Natal YouTube workouts designed for each trimester
3. A weekly "Exercise of the Week" email to enhance your prenatal fitness experience.

      We're here to help you stay active and healthy during this special time.
      Post-baby we will guide you to continue your fitness journey with our specially curated Beginner Workout Playlist on our YouTube Channel. (Don't miss out—subscribe to our YouTube channel today and continue your path to a healthier you. )

      *To personalize your experience, let us know the week of your pregnancy in the comment section during checkout.

      *If you are purchasing the Ultimate Exercise Ball Prenatal Package for a loved one, please provide the email address of the recipient in the cart page special instructions box prior to checkout*

      *Our program has been designed by Khouri Long, Sports Therapist Graduate, 20 years of experience teaching the exercise ball and Certificate in Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise Design


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